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Garnet Abrasive - Mother nature's gift for surface preperation

Garnet abrasive [Fe3Al2(SiO4)3] is naturally occurring non-metallic mineral deposit found across many parts of the world, But the major deposits are found in countries like India, Australia, china etc. Though there are different species of garnet found around the globe, Almandine grade garnet is used primarily for industrial purposes. Its eco- friendly in nature. Almandine garnet is considered as heaviest and hardest which can withstand high cutting speed and low dust levels comparing other abrasives. After extracted from mother earth, Abrasive garnet pass through many processes and then screened based on the mesh size. The applicability of garnet abrasive is based on its size. It can be used for sandblasting, waterjet cutting, water filtration, denim blasting, shipbuilding etc .,
PG SUPREME GARNET :- Our own Special Product “PG SUPREME GARNET” is an upgraded version. The crafting of “PG SUPREME GARNET” involves series of process like Double sieving, thorough washing, drying and customised packing. All the above-mentioned diligent process done at our mini-processing unit by our proficient team of experts. It is also mandatory to succeed 100% of repeated quality testing at our lab before it reaches to our customer hands as “PG SUPREME GARNET”
•No Chemicals involved in any of our processing.
•Low Dust as the garnet has high durability grains
•Exceptional and perfect for surface preparation
•Inflated recyclability will result more profit to users
•Non toxic so easy waste management
•Cost effective when comparing to its competitive abrasives
•Minimum to nil health risk while using it

1. Mesh 12-20 (1.710mm - 0.850mm)

-This corser grade can be used for water filtration and high-profile sand blasting applications.
-Blasting profile ranges from 80-110µ
-This grade is perfect for eliminate thickest & most adherent and coating.
-4-5 times re- usable due to its coarser sized particles

2. Mesh 20-40 (0.850mm - 0.425mm)

8_3_Mesh 20-40
-Blasting profile ranges from 65 – 90 µ
-Mainly used in ship building/repair, petroleum and painting industries, construction sites
-Used to remove thick coating and rust
-Best used for surface preparation
-3-4 times reusable after initial blasting

3. Mesh 30-60 (0.600mm - 0.250mm)

-Used for general purpose cleaning and surface preparation
-Used at surface with medium corrosion
-Used to remove light thickness paint coating
-Blasting profile ranges from 50 -75 µ
-1-3 times reusable based on its environment
8_4_Mesh 30-60

4. Mesh 80 (0.250mm - 0.180mm)

8_5_Mesh 80
-Can be used for both abrasive waterjet cutting and abrasive blasting
-Used to remove painting on steel, aluminium surfaces
-Used for maximum cutting speed
-Used to cut high strength materials like Stainless steel, titanium, stone

5. Mesh 120 (0.180mm - 0.125mm)

-Finest grade garnet used mainly for water jet cutting
-Used to get smoother surface finishing while waterjet cutting
-Mostly used to cut soft and thin materials like glass, aluminium, composites, printed circuit board, fibre optic cables etc
-Also used for Abrasive blasting in Aircraft parts, ship propellers, turbine blades.
-Used in hydro blast cleaning
8_6_mesh 120